Two Possible Explosions at Maryland Dept of Transportation


HANOVER, Md. -- Officials are investigating possible explosions at the Maryland Department of Transportation's headquarters in Hanover and a state government building in Annapolis.
We'll see but with the story about people casing propane tanks at bus depots we'll keep an eye.


Brooklyn Bus Depot's Natural Gas Tanks/Bus Routes of Interest to Middle Eastern Looking "Videographers".

Update: ABC just emailed that there were two packages that "caught fire".

State Building Mailrooms in Maryland on Lockdown After 2 Packages Burst Into Flames
Update II: WTOP has more here.
WASHINGTON - Two incidents involving packages at Maryland state buildings have shut down mailroom operations in government offices across the state.
One package was at the Jeffrey Building in downtown Annapolis and another was at the Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters in Hanover. A law enforcement source tells CBS News the package in Annapolis was addressed to Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley at the governor's mansion, but was taken to the state offices.

The packages created smoke and odor when they were opened, and one reportedly flamed up while another fizzled.

Maryland State Police say there were no serious injuries, although a spokesman for Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen says a mail room employee was hurt in the Annapolis incident. The extent of the employee's injury was not immediately known.

State agencies have ceased all mail operations until hazardous materials crews can investigate.

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