Tornado Strikes Arkansas

Pretty bad storm.

(CNN) -- At least three people were killed and five critically injured after a suspected tornado hit northwestern Arkansas Friday morning, authorities said.

The three died in the small town of Cincinnati in Washington County, which is now also facing power outages after the strong storm went through, said Ann Upton, the county's emergency management deputy.

The storm injured at least 12 people and caused damage in neighboring Benton County, near the Arkansas state lines with Oklahoma and Missouri, officials said.

She said she had also heard reports that "several people were trapped."

Six homes and four chicken production facilities were destroyed in the storm, while five homes suffered moderate to heavy damage, said Matt Garrity, Benton County's manager of emergency services.

A fire station, three buildings and one store were also damaged, said Garrity, and an airport that serves northwestern Arkansas was closed due to debris in the area.

Posted by: Howie at 01:11 PM


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