Mullah Bahadur Dead as a Brick


KUNDUZ, Afghanistan A top Taliban commander and his bodyguard were killed during an overnight operation by Afghan and NATO forces in northern Afghanistan, police said on Friday.

Mawlawi Bahadur was killed Thursday night in Chahar Dara, a militant-plagued district of Kunduz province, provincial police spokesman Haroon Aryayenezhad told AFP.

Bahadur was the Tailban's shadow governor for the northern Afghan province. One of his bodyguards was also killed and four others accompanying him injured in the operation, Aryayenezhad said.
"Mullah Bahadur was appointed as Taliban Governor for Kunduz province around two months ago," he said.
"He (Bahadur) was directly responsible for organising military operations against Afghan and Coalition troops in Kunduz province," Aryayenezhad added.
ISAF confirmed that an operation "targeting people who worked closely with the Taliban shadow governor in the province" took place in Chahar Dara district on Thursday night.

The alliance said one man had been killed in the operation but would not confirm his identity.

The Taliban have been waging a nine-year insurgency which 140,000 US-led NATO troops are battling in order to hand security control to the Afghan government by 2014. The militia operates "shadow" administrations in all 34 provinces.

Taliban spokesmen were not immediately available to comment.

Posted by: Howie at 06:52 AM


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