A Day Late and a Dollar Short

The Washington Post discovers Inspire magazine and online terrorists really are connected to al-Qaeda. And, gasp, they could be dangerous.

LONDON - Nine men arrested in Britain on terrorism charges last week found inspiration and bombmaking instructions in an English-language Internet magazine published by the group al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, British investigators reportedly said.

The revelation, relayed by British newspapers, provided the first purported link between the nine British-based suspects, some of Bangladeshi origin, and an anti-Western terrorism campaign being waged by Yemen-based jihadists of Yemeni, Saudi, U.S. and other nationalities under the aegis of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

..Peter Neumann, a terrorism specialist at King's College in London who is teaching this year at Georgetown's Center for Peace and Security Studies, said there was no known indication that any of the nine suspects had traveled to Yemen, Pakistan or Afghanistan for direct contact with al-Qaeda leaders. But the Internet-born motivation and instruction - such as what they allegedly acquired from Inspire - he noted, was an increasing worry among antiterrorism officials in Europe and the United States.

Guidere, whose recent book "The New Terrorists" sought to underline the increasing role played by Internet sites, wrote: "Generally the only link with the terrorist organization is virtual; thanks to the Internet, the sympathizer radicalizes all by himself and learns how to make bombs at home."

No shit Sherlock.

Posted by: Howie at 06:42 AM


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