Breaking! Five Arrested for Planning Terror Attack in Denmark

What? I guess hosting al-Ansar didn't buy them anything.

ive people, including three Swedish citizens, have been arrested on suspicion of planning an attack in Denmark, Swedish news agency TT reported on Wednesday.

The agency said Swedish and Danish authorities cooperated to thwart a planned attack.

Police in Sweden were not immediately available for comment

Don't worry I'm sure none of them we're named Mo. Probably Sven something or another.

More here at the NYT's.

Police in Sweden and Denmark arrested five men suspected of plotting an “imminent” terror attack against a Danish newspaper that published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in 2005, security officials in those countries said.
Ahh here we go, details...
Three of the suspects are Swedish residents and reportedly arrived in Denmark last night, and PET said the attack was to be carried out “in the coming days”.

All four suspects have Middle-Eastern or North African backgrounds.

In addition to the arrests in Copenhagen, Swedish officials arrested a fifth suspect in Stockholm at the same time.

During the arrests, Danish police found an assault rifle and silencer, ammunition, as well as plastic strips, which are often used by police as hand restraints.

According to PET, the group planned to kill as many people as possible in the building that houses Jyllands-Posten.

Jakob Scharf, head of PET, described the suspects as “militant Islamists that had connections to international terror networks”.

“The arrests underscore the terrorist threat that Denmark faces, and in particular anyone who is connected to the Mohammed drawings,” Scharf said.

Update: Introducing Bomber Bingo. Guess the name of the arrestees. Get your cards in today!

The winners get Fatwas!


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