Sandcrawler PSA: Response Salahudin Ibn Jafar's Statement


That folks are picking on him just because he's Muslim is total Taqiyya bullshit.

We know who you are and were you've been. Its too late for Taqiyya and scrubbing.

Note the millions and millions of other Muslims we are not bothering? What's up with that?

Be warned, your remaining time as an al-Qaeda propagandist is very very short.

Oh and apparently Salahudin did not read that part of the Hadith where Muhammad states that the most dangerous thing to a man is a woman.

She(Kathie) sure is a dandy. And why would you marry an old infertile thing like that? How is she going to produce glory for the Ummah (young uns)? I'd have went younger. Way way way younger. Your "little jihadist" was impatient methinks.

Oh and we had a reader question for you Salahudin, you can just answer anywhere. I'm sure we'll find it.

Why is it brave Mujahideen like you fold like a cheap lawn chair when exposed to the light of day?

Posted by: Howie at 06:34 AM


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