Even More Freshly Dead Tehrik-i-Taliban

Long War Journal:

S Predators struck again today in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan, launching two airstrikes in an area right along the border with Afghanistan.

Both strikes took place in the Ghulam Khan area of North Waziristan. In the first strike, the unmanned Predators or the more deadly Reapers launched missiles at two compounds in the village of Ghulam Khan, killing five people.

The second strike targeted vehicles in the nearby village of Nawab. The Predators made two passes at a group of vehicles. Ten Taliban fighters were reported killed.

"First a US drone fired missiles at a double-cabin pick-up truck and about 15 minutes later two more cars were struck," a Pakistani intelligence official told Geo News.

No senior al Qaeda or Taliban leaders have been reported killed in either strike.

The Ghulam Khan area is in the sphere of influence of both Hafiz Gul Bahhadar and the Haqqani Network. The area is used as a staging area for Taliban and other terrorist groups to attack Coalition and Afghan forces across the border in Afghanistan.

Bahadar is the overall Taliban commander for North Waziristan. Bahadar provides shelter to top al Qaeda leaders as well as terrorists from numerous Pakistani and Central Asian terror groups.

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