Pakistan: Female Suicide Bomber Blamed for Deadly Pakistan Blast

Previously, Pakistani Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq commented regarding Muslimahs splodin themselves:

Responding the question that whether the suicide bomber was a woman, the Pakistani Taliban's Azam Tariq said, "We have thousands of male suicide bombers ready who are keenly waiting for their turns. Then why would we use a woman, which is against the traditions of Islam?"
Where are those 'thousands', eh Tariq?

Via 24WN

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) — A young, female suicide bomber was behind a blast in Pakistan that killed at least 46 people and injured 105 others at a food distribution point, an official said Sunday.

Zakir Hussain Afridi, the top government official in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan, said that the preliminary investigation into the explosion shows that a girl between the ages of 16 and 18 blew herself up. The determination was made from remains of the bomber that were recovered.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for Saturday’s blast in that Asian nation’s tribal region.

Azam Tariq, the central spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, told CNN in a phone call that it targeted people who had formed what he called a pro-government and anti-Taliban group.


Happy Birthday Baby Jesus(pbuh) From Religion of Peace

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