Bomb at Swedish Embassy in Rome (update: Second bomb at Chilean Embassy : Third Bomb)

There has been an explosion at the Swedish Embassy ion Rome. One person was injured. The injuries to their hands was called serious.


A package exploded at the Swiss Embassy in Rome on Thursday, seriously injuring the person who opened it, police said.
The 53-year-old mail room worker was badly injured in both hands, and may lose one, police said.

He was taken to Humberto Primo hospital in Rome, according to police. They have not released his name, but said he was born in Switzerland.

Anyway the Open Source Jihad is coming to town this Christmas.

What I mean by that is we've observed over the past few weeks the influence of AQIM's new grasp of the internet let by former NC Jihadi Samir Khan.

Before al-Qaeda's main use of the internet was for propaganda & communication. They had never really taken the social networking aspect that serious or didn't have the right stuff.

One thought that struck me is that the recent spat of chatter and failed attacks are a symptom of Samir and his group's influence.

Rather than cells or suicide bombers on a mission directed by al-Qaeda or smaller groups. What we are looking at here is the Open Source Jihad.

I'm not sure if anyone has used that term but it seems fitting.

Its rather like Jawa Reports use of email campaigns against websites. We can't do it without reader participation.

What Samir Khan's Christmas gift to his former homeland is similar. al-Qaeda is looking for "reader participation" and they are hoping its not in the form of an email.

Not to worry they are mostly idiots, of course that doesn't help much when the idiot standing next to you blows up.

And why the Swiss? Doesn't the fact that you can't get along with the Swiss indicate you have issues anyway?

Update: Ok so they hate the Chileans too?

ROME (AP)ŚNews reports say a package has exploded at Chile's embassy in Rome following a parcel bombing at Switzerland's embassy earlier in the day.
Hat Tip: Kenneth.

Update II: Another one

And a "suspicious package" was found at the Ukrainian Embassy in the Italian capital, police said, adding that security forces were on the way to investigate.
Update: Some video from the scene thanks to Vlad Tepes.

Posted by: Howie at 08:56 AM


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