Somalia Has a Prime Minister!

Its this dude. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

He gives an interview to Terror Free Somalia.

Terror Free Somalia:

What does it take to have a safe Somalia?

To stabilise Somalia, you need to build capacity, train the Somali security forces and complete the number of AMISOM peacekeepers to the amount that was pledged. We also need to maintain the peace talks by continuing to call those who are not yet on board to come and join us. In addition, we need to bring relief to the needy, help the injured and rehabilitate the militias. Reconstruction is another factor.

What is your strategy to counter al-Shabaab’s propaganda?

Because they are telling lies, their propaganda has now become counter-productive. It has back-fired. They say they are Muslims but their actions tell the opposite. They are preaching what they are not practising. As for the government, there is a task force to counter the propaganda. But the government is only one months old. We have a lot of things to do. And the financial means to improve our public relations may not be there.

There are supposed to be 20,000 peacekeepers 20,000 but there are only about 8,000, notably from Uganda and Burundi. Why has the world failed to send troops?

As far as the number of AMISOM soldiers is concerned, they are few because of economic factors. The African Union has pledged to complete the numbers. It is just a matter of time.

Tell you what, its a damn shame when the prime minister of one of the largest safe havens for terrorists in the world has to turn to a couple blogs to get press.

What has Obama done for Somalia lately? Besides allow volunteers for al-Shabaab to travel there from Dearbornistan?

Posted by: Howie at 06:22 AM


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