Adam Gadahn Captured? (bumped)

At least that's what's being reported by the Pakistanis.

LAHORE: Daily Times can confirm that two al Qaeda operatives who were caught in Karachi in a joint raid by Pakistani and American special forces last month were Umar Misri, a top aide of al Qaeda’s number two Ayman al Zawahiri and Muhammad Muhammad, the operational manager of al Qaeda.

The raids in Sohrab Goth areas last November resulted because of a call intercepted by a local FBI station in Karachi, which intercepted the communication and as per an agreement informed the Pakistani authorities. It should be noted that from the same, Sorab Goth area, an American al Qaeda member, Adam Gadanhn (Abu Azzam Amriki), was detained with another unnamed Arab individual connected to al Qaeda. Adam and an associate are reported to have been captured during a raid by Pakistani special forces at the Super Highway in Karachi. While the arrests had been kept secret, a top intelligence source told Daily Times that some al Qaeda members had been captured and moved to their headquarters in Islamabad, where “a joint investigation team of both Pakistanis and Americans are interrogating them”.

While in FATA, drone attacks killed two British converts, Abu Bakar and Mansoor Ahmed. The men died over a week ago in a drone attack in Dattakhel. Daily Times, after talking to intelligence officials, can confirm that both British nationals were part of the ‘German cell’ that was targeted in drone attacks a couple of months ago. The two British men who initially crossed over from Afghanistan, entered North Waziristan some time last year and were sent by their handlers to join al Qaeda. They were handled by the Haqqani faction, again magnifying the link between the Haqqanis and al Qaeda. In North Waziristan, the two men received explosive tactics training with the German cell and were to be sent to the US to carry out terrorist attacks.

Given the past reliability of Pakistani sources. I doubt seriously we can depend on this being true.

However we will accept a pic of Adam holding a newspaper or DNA samples from the vast quantities of fluids extracted during his interrogation.

But send those Attn: Rusty please.

Hat Tip: Off Topic.

Posted by: Howie at 01:20 PM


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