Somali Terrorist Groups Merge, Some Defect

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As two Islamist terrorist groups announced their merger, the transitional federal government of Somalia displayed fighters who had defected from the Al Qaeda-inspired group Al Shabaab.

Hizbul Islam announced Monday it was dissolving into rival Al Shabaab, one of Somalia’s main Islamist groups. The two groups have often traded bullets as they battled each other for territory throughout central and southern regions of the country.

On Sunday, security officials from the Somali government invited a group of journalists to a police center in Mogadishu to interview six fighters who they said had defected from the radical terrorist group.

“I had decapitated many Somali innocent civilians, because I was forced to do so,” one of defectors told reporters, adding that "I would have been killed if I refused the order."

“Therefore I decided to join the Somali government. Al Shabaab is cruel and their actions are against the Islamic religion,” he recounted, asking for forgiveness from all Somalis.

Another fighter said, "one of my companions was severely wounded in Mogadishu fighting and then Abu Mansur Al America, a foreigner, ordered me to kill him."

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