One dead in Nairobi bus blast: police

Terror attack ?


NAIROBI An explosion on a bus in central Nairobi Monday killed at least one person and wounded several others, police said, without giving details.

The bus, bound for the Ugandan capital Kampala, was stationed on a busy street in downtown Nairobi, a police official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

It was not immediately clear whether the explosion was accidental.

Uganda's police chief Monday said he had "strong indications" that Islamist militant groups were planning terrorist attacks there over the Christmas period.

Inspector General Kale Kayihura had told AFP that the threats emanated from the Shebab, a Somali insurgent group which has pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda, and the Allied Democratic Forces, a Ugandan Islamist group.

Will update when we get more details...

UPDATE:(Matt Damon) This may have been a bigger plot that was averted by security.

An explosion that ripped through a Uganda-bound bus in Kenya on Monday killed one person and injured 26 others, a Kenyan police spokesman said, crediting security guards with potentially preventing even more carnage.

The guards confronted six people who seemed to be ordinary passengers as they tried to board the bus about 7 p.m. in Nairobi, Kenyan national police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said.

The passengers resisted the guards' attempt to examine their luggage. As the altercation heated up, the assailants dropped their bags and ran away -- and soon after, some of the luggage exploded, according to Kiraithe.

Kenyan police said that no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, nor do they know the motive. Kiraithe said the blast was most likely caused by a grenade or improvised explosive device, though investigators are still working to get more details.

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