UK: Banned Al-Muhajiroun Islamist Group Likes To Hang Around Stockholm Sploded Dopes House


The outlawed Islamist group al-Muhajiroun is openly recruiting near the home of the suicide bomber who blew himself up on a Stockholm street last week, it can be revealed[...]

Unimpeded by the police, the group, now calling themselves "The Reflect Project" are accused of mounting a campaign of intimidation and violence against those who disagree with them.

Followers of the radical cleric Omar Bakri Muhammad, who is currently being held in jail in Lebanon on terror charges, the group are led locally by Ishtiaq Alamgir or "Sayful Islam" Sword of Islam a former inland revenue accountant.

It is illegal to be a member of Bakri's organisation after it was outlawed for glorifying terrorism and for outspoken statements praising the "magnificent" 9/11 hijackers.

But his supporters are still setting up a regular stall on the High Street near Abdulwahab's family home to try to recruit more young Muslims to their cause.

Last week, gathered around a trestle table after Friday prayers, Mr Alamgir and a dozen other activists handed out anodyne "Introduction to Islam" leaflets before quickly disappearing when approached by this newspaper.

Carefully written, apparently to avoid breaching anti-terrorism laws, the leaflets' purpose appeared to be to direct prospective recruits to a website containing inflammatory speeches by Bakri and articles against "The terrorist activities of Britain".

Hmmm, are they searching for Omar the goat humping Bakri Muhammed's kid?

Image credit Popacapinurass

I also wonder if they are passing out images of Taimour's dead body as a introduction to Islam?


What say you Martyr Brigades?

Posted by: Stable Hand at 02:02 PM


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