Muslims Love of Porn Worries Imams

American Muslims are extremely concerned over the high rate of pornography addiction among their community in the United States, the latest issue of Muslim Link has bared.

Most American Muslims are torn between two poles -- the pull of Islam and the cultural pressures of one of the most advanced Western soiceties where "quickies" are extremely popular.

Quickies mean casual sexual encounters with not strings attached -- from workplace to places of worship, this can happen anywhere in the U.S., which is billed as one of the world's most sexiest nations.

Muslim preachers have taken to the social media like Youtube to decry pornography is a $57 billion industry worldwide. Those who find Islamic teachings on social vices such as women's masturbation are also using Youtube.

Jawa Report's official position is that boobies can save the world. While we do recognize the danger of long term use of hardcore porn. Mainly "tennis elbow" and never getting any "real". A little T&A never hurt anyone.


In fact we hope Ahmed is looking at boobies on the internet. We'd be much more concerned if little Ahmed is surfing Taliban produced Jihadi death porn or being convinced to strap on a bomb by al-Qaeda's propaganda.

But no, they are more worried that Fatima might strap on something else for a good gay trist in decadent America. (Note to Fatima: Plz post pics)

Many Americans who give birth to female offspring leave the U.S.A. to go back to their country of origin as they do not want their daughters to grow up in the U.S. where changing sexual partners is as easy as changing socks, according to Muslim parents.

Hat Tip: Vin.

Posted by: Howie at 11:30 AM


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