Stockholm Suicide Bomber: Too Close For Comfort

How close did the Stockholm suicide bomber come to killing countless Christmas shoppers?

This disturbing image from Weasel Zippers indicates far too close:


Weasel Zippers has many more images.

From Daily Mail:

Peter Jonsson, a security expert and former employee of the Swedish intelligence service Saepo, said: ‘The footage shows a very focused individual, walking on a very deliberate line who was not out for Christmas shopping.

'It looks as if his equipment malfunctions in the crowd and he went back to the quiet side street to go and check on it. Obviously he would not do this on an open street where people would panic.'

So, how does the West respond to such acts? By giving Islamists money.

Islamic groups in Luton - where the Stockholm bomber, Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, was allegedly radicalized - received over £550,000 of taxpayer money since 2008 to help combat Islamic extremism. The bribes jizya grants have netted ZERO tips in return.

Remember, some Luton Islamic leaders were fully aware of Abdulwahab's radical ideology; he stormed out of one Mosque after his radical views were supposedly challenged by a Mosque chairman. But the Mosque failed to pass concerns on to the police (emphasis mine):

Mr Baksh said that in 2007 he challenged Abdulwahab, who “stormed out” and never came back. The mosque did not pass on concerns about Abdulwahab to the police.

([Update] The Luton Islamic Centre refused to participate in the grant program because leaders did not want to inform on their "Muslim brothers and sisters.")

Dhimmitude at its best.

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