Un:dhimmi: Google/YouTube Hall of Shame Wk 3 (Palestinian Media Watch Edition-Updated)

Un:dhimmi's post here.

On this post I am changing YouTube's Pro-Jihadi Hall of Shame to YouTube's Anti-Jihadi/Anti-Hate Hall of Shame:


May I direct you to anti-jihadi/anti-hate speech site PMW ie; Palestinian Media Watch.org. Their account was suspended at YouTube JihadTube.

For years there have been PA backers trying to get You Tube to close down the PMW video account by complaining that we are involved in hate speech. Now they succeeded. They complained to the administrators about a farewell video of a suicide terrorist from a few years ago who boasted he would drink the blood of Jews. You Tube sent us notice that this video is "violation of terms" by promoting hate speech and closed our entire account. Most of the hundreds of videos on our web site are not running.
It's not nice to expose Palestinian, ie Hamas propaganda at YouTube JihadTube. Hamas has free reign there. Isn't that right Hunter Walk[former Huff & Puff blogger and now Google/YouTube project manager]? Jihadis get more hits and more hits mean more $$$$$ in revenues...right Hunter?

MEMRI had the same problem, they were also suspended but managed to get their account reinstated. A little sunlight helps eh YouTube JihadTube?

Anwar al-Awlaki vids OK, Hamas vids OK, alQaeda vids OK, alShabaab vids OK, AQAP vids OK, AQIM vids OK, beheading vids OK, Taliban vids OK, Juba the Sniper vids OK, anti-Semitic vids OK, Islamic Emirate of the Caucuses OK etc., etc, etc.[No Hunter, I won't link that's YouTube monitors' job, right? I know you read my posts...] But don't you dare expose this. Jihadis no like and letYouTube JihadTube know.

WTF is wrong with this picture? PMW just reported what was on Palestinian media The media they spoke about is still on YouTube JihadTube?

I spoke up against jihadis/Sharia and my YouTube account was suspended

Again, WTF is wrong with this picture dammit, can't you liberals do anything right?

Andrea Chimed in

UPDATE: In a surreal move, Google/YouTube have now given the reasons for PMW’s account termination as ‘hate speech’. Are these people INSANE? PMW rebroadcasts the hate speech from the PA and Hamas! What they are doing is most definitely ANTI-hate speech. What an astounding example of stupidity, willful ignorance and moral cowardice.

Folks - it's time, it is way past time to take on the belly fire of Shadowman who posted a comment at JAWA -

"Right, this has spurred me into action.
I have just written a scathing (but polite) email to YouTube, asking that the reinstate the PMW channel.
It is ***UTTER HYPOCRISY*** that they can continue to host **tens of thousands** of jihadi videos, and yet PMW's exposing of brainwashing and hatred gets "pulled" by them. WAKE THE F*CK UP, YOUTUBE....."

Google/YouTube Facebook page

Twitter pages - I think all of these look like good prospects to @
And in particular @hunterwalk

Update: Palwatch reinstated!!

Thanks to all who helped!


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