Authorities Release New Info in American's Shooting Death on U.S. Border Lake

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Nearly three months after American David Hartley was shot and killed by a drug gang while jet-skiing with his wife on a lake straddling the Texas-Mexican border, U.S. investigators say the gunmen were "authorized" by their cartel to kill Hartley's wife, as well.

David Hartley, 30, of Milliken, Colo., was shot in the back of his head on Sept. 30 by alleged Mexican drug smugglers while jet-skiing on Lake Falcon with his wife, Tiffany[...]

On Wednesday, Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez said he recently received information on two additional suspects who may have disposed of Hartley's body and jet ski. He declined to name them, saying, "We donít want to alert them that we know who's involved."

Gonzalez, citing confidential informants, also said that suspected Zeta drug cartel members on board the three speed boats were also ordered to kill Tiffany Hartley, who managed to escap[More...]

Wrong place at wrong time..she's damn lucky to be alive.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:24 PM


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