CNN's "Moderate" Revolution Muslim Leader Yousef al-Khattab Still Supports Killing American Soldiers **Sticky**


Remember Youssef al-Khattab on CNN last week denouncing his former "radical" views? We pointed out that Khattab still supports the killing of Jews. Add to that the killing of American soldiers.

Here is some more on that flame war that SH posted about that Yousef had with his fellow "moderates" on the Islamic Awakening Forum two weeks ago. The infighting is classic, which seemed like the funniest thing at the time.

But now that CNN has declared Yousef a "moderate"? Pop some pop-corn, sit back, and enjoy the show as these "moderates" go at each other.

Yousef al-Khattab:

Wrong again! I still stand behind the puppet mocking dead USA occupation SOLDIERS, and you never heard me denounce Ft. Hood, and you never saw me hide behind a Kunya nor did you ever see me exceed the limits.
One of the brothers responds, and I think hits the nail squarely on the head. Also, racist! (can a Muslim be a racist? Someone call CAIR and get that clarified for me):
LOL i cant believe you can sit there and type this out with a straight face.It was you and RM that made the most noise wasn't it not? didn't your little gang go around masajid in New York after every Jumma and deliberately try to provoke debates and arguments with these Desi type Muslims who just wanted to run their 7elevens and kebab shops, not wanting any part of your pinky and the brain type global domination visions?It was you and your form of dawa that attracted these so called gullible disgruntled young brothers that you are now shedding a bucket load of crocodile tears over....

Look at you now, you had to run away from the states under a cloak of darkness, only to end up in Morocco kissing the behind of another taghoot only this time you have to perform a daily ritual of pseudo taaqiyah in order to dupe his secret police.

Pseudo taaqiyah. Yeah, I think that just about sums up the new and improved Joey "Yousef al Khattab" Cohen.

And just in case you think I'm taking Yousef out of context, one of the bros asks the clarifying question:

So are you saying you agree with Anwar Al Awlaki that Nidal Hassan did the right thing?
And Yousef answers:
Actually I was the first one to say I love Maj Hasan before the brand name you mentioned above did in the press. I said openly and proudly that I love Maj. Hasan and the patriot act forbids me from praising acts of "terrorism". Major Hasan hafthillah went out of his way NOT to hit civilians. I disagree with Anwar's new methodology and conclusions.
That is, Awlaki's calls this year to kill American civilians he considers outside the pale. Killing American soldiers? That's cool.

And adding insult to injury, his buddies that went abroad to fight are cool, too:

I have a lot more sympathy for those that went abroad to fight USAmerican aggressions (though I may disagree with many of their methodologies) than I would a person that is accused of willing wanting to blowup civilians in the USA.
Is that clear enough for you? To Yousef, being a "moderate" means he no longer supports acts of terror directed at civilians -- be they American or otherwise.

But he still supports killing American military personnel, which in his mind makes him a moderate.

To me, that just makes him a "traitor".

But maybe treason is what passes for a "moderate Muslim" these days at CNN?

And Youssef: Enjoy college. You'll fit right in with some of your professors who also want American soldiers killed.

PS-In the same thread we find Zach Chesser's wife still hanging out with the supporters of violent jihad. Isn't this a violation of her plea agreement?

Posted by: Rusty at 05:35 PM


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