Terrorist Sweep in Germany

Taiwan News:

The German Interior Ministry says authorities have searched buildings connected to two radical Islamist groups in three cities.

Ministry spokesman Stefan Paris said in a statement the raids early Tuesday in the western cities of Moenchengladbach, Braunschweig and Bremen were directed against the Islamist groups Invitation to Paradise and Islamic Culture Center Bremen.

Paris says the groups are suspected of "wanting to create an Islamic theocracy and working against the democratic order of Germany." He says authorities seized evidence during the raids but did not specify what.

He says the raids are not related to the current terrorist threat.

Germany upped its terror alert on Nov. 17, warning of an increased threat from Islamic extremists.

I call bullshit.

Just based on events and the chatter I'm seeing the threat is immediate, credible and related.

It may have never been higher than it is right now. Not just in Germany either.

But don't ya'll panic or anything.

Update: More on that here.

A militant who first identified Abdulwahab in an online message that included his photograph on Sunday issued a new statement on Monday warning of more such attacks if Western troops did not withdraw from Afghanistan.

"The battle of Stockholm is the start of a new era in our jihad, when Europe will become the arena for our battles," the Arabic-language message said, according to a translation by Flashpoint Partners, a U.S.-based service that tracks publications by militant groups.

The message, also monitored by another Islamist militant monitoring service, the Site Intelligence Group, added: "Those who insist on not heeding our demands must expect our attacks, which will reach the heart of Europe."

There was no way of independently confirming that the speaker had links to Abdulwahab but intelligence services were expected to study it for clues about ties to a militant network. If he was, such a group could be plotting other bombings.

Hat Tip: Her Royal Whyness.

Posted by: Howie at 09:46 AM


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