Would be VA Bomber Worked for Feds, Had Degrees in Chemistry, Biology **Sticky**

I wrote this post two days ago but never published it because I couldn't verify that the Facebook page I was looking at was that of the would-be domestic terrorist. But the indictment seems to indicate that Awais Younes did, in fact, intern with the federal government and does have a bio-chemical background.

Add to that the fact that his Facebook page has since been disabled, and I think we nailed it the first time. Here is the post as it was written. Expect updates.


Oddly, you'd think a number of news outlets would be all over this story. I find only one through Google News (as of 12/13/2010). Set Facebook status to: a wee bit worried:

An Arlington man is accused of threatening to set off bombs around D.C., including in the Metro system, but was caught through messages he sent on Facebook before a plot was developed.

Awais Younis, who also goes by Sundullah "Sunny" Ghilzai as well as Mohhanmed Khan, was charged in federal court in Alexandria with making threatening communications.

Thanks to Robert Spencer.

This is his Facebook account (now closed, but matches the profile number found in the unsealed complaint), and it's nice to know that he once worked -- briefly -- for the Federal government.


Yeah, maybe it was an internship? But still.

Pipe bombs on trains are bad. A guy with an interest in radical Islam, the best way to kill people on the DC Metro, advanced degrees in chemistry and biology, and keen interest in watersheds are worse.


UPDATE: TPM has the entire criminal complaint, which was unsealed today, posted online. In addition to using multiple aliases to buy cellphones and internet service, Younis also had photos of himself with weapons and explosives in Afghanistan. The caption on the photo read, "The family business."

But I'm sure the goons over at Islamic Awakening have their panties all up in a wad about another case of some poor innocent Muslim being "entrapped" by the FBI.

Okay, so the formal charge isn't that of terrorism -- it's transmitting terroristic threats across state lines -- but the complaint clarifies that Younis claims he was serious.

[Awais Younis] described how to build a pipe bomb and what type of shrapenel would cause the greatest damage. [Awais Younis] also stated that he could place a pipe bomb under a sewer head in Georgetown ... at rush hour to produce the greatest number of casualties. [And that] the third and fifth cars on the METRO trains had the highest number of commuters on them and could place the bombs in these locations and would not be noticed.

[Facebook friend]: You wouldn't do that

[Awais Younis]: Watch me

Yup, just one giant conspiracy....

Posted by: Rusty at 07:39 PM


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