3 Sets of Bombs

Update: Multiple explosions from burning car. I guess he expected to survive the first two...

Audio translation by KitmanTV:

Text of translated message below the fold (Again, thanks to KitmanTV)

In the name of allah, the merciful.
Peace and blessings be upon the prophet Muhammad
I will be brief. To Sweden and the Swedish people
Due to Lars Vilks and his drawings of the prophet Muhammad
Your soldiers in Afghanistan and your silence around all this.
Your children daughters, brothers and sister must die.
Just as our brothers and sisters and children die
Now, the islamic state has given you what it had promised
We are here in Europe and Sweden. We are a reality not just an idea.
That is all I am gonna say about it.
Our operations will speak for themselves.
As long as you do not stop your war against Islam and humiliation of the prophet.
And your stupid support of the pig Lars Vilks
To all muslims in Sweden I say this:
Stop sucking up and debasing yourselves, for a humiliating life far away from Islam
Help your brothers and sisters
Fear no one except God, who you worship
I will end this message with a greeting to all mujahedin:
Do not forget me in your prayers, pray for me.
Pray for me, because here in sweden Muslims are so humiliated.
They even pray for non-muslims in the mosque.
Furthermore, to all mujahedins in Europe and Sweden
Now is the time to attack. Do not wait any longer.
Come out with all you got, even if it is just a knife.
And I know you have alot more than a knife to bring.
Do not fear anything, not prison or death.
May god have mercy on me and you. Brothers. The believers.

Posted by: DMartyr at 02:09 PM


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