Un:dhimmi's Google/YouTube Hall of Shame Part 2: Indonesian Beotch Hearts Terrorist Jihad Jane

Background image on ByondDaJihadPrincezz's channel:

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global JIHAD,include INDONESIA
ByondDaJihadPrincezz's Channel

American terrorist, Jihad Jane (aka Colleen LaRose) , used several YT names such as Fatima, Jihad Princess, Jihad Princezz, etc. Apparently mujahidahbonita wants to follow in her footsteps...in Indonesia The JI I pointed to above stands for Jemaah Islamiah. JI was added to the United Nations 1267 Committee's list of terrorist organizations linked to al-Qaeda or the Taliban on 25 October 2002.

Just stop by and say 'hi' if you choose. Don't flag, we are in Operation (YouTube WTF Are You Doing!) Smackdown with help from Un:dhimmi:

After the success of last week’s post -5 of 6 of the videos featured were taken down(see my * below...ed) – we present, in association with our friends at the the excellent YouTube Smackdown team, and The Jawa Report, this week’s gruesome gaggle of Islamist video nasties.

Remember this is just a small sample of the thousands of hours of hateful and often gruesome Jihad propaganda hosted for free and exploited for commercial gain by Google/YouTube.

So, here’s this weeks top 5 Mo-mad ghouls:

The worst of Jihadi propaganda, available publicly on line courtesy G/YT[More...]

I chose ByondDaJihadPrincezz from Un:dhimmi's list for this post because we go way back... before my YouTube channel was suspended.

BTW, *jstablehand tweets directed @YouTube & Huffington post blogger/YouTube consumer project manager[YT blog link] & tweeter Hunter Walk[twitter link] regarding Google/YouTube's Hall of Shame amazingly results in jihad videos removal. I don't tweet/link YouTube/Hunter...they remain. Yes, YouTube/Hunter, WTF are you doing expecting us peons to do the work you are getting paid to do?

All things JihadTube from Andrea :

FlippinTheRaya : "Things that go together: nuts & bolts, intolerance & islam, YouTube & jihad"

Message to the American Occupation Google/YouTube

Un:dhimmi: Google/YouTube Hall of Shame Week 2
YouTube Hall of Shame
YouTube Hall of Shame accumalated beginning 11/16/10
Show me the $$$$$

Again Google/YouTube WTF are you doing?

Quotheraven: Operation (YouTube WTF Are You Doing!) Smackdown
Un:dhimmi: New Site Feature - YouTube Jihadi Video Hall of Shame (Beheading Video - Update)
Un:dhimmi Google/YouTube Hall of Shame Week 2
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