Note 2 4Chan

It wasn't us we swear.

Yes we know of him but none of us are him. Any interaction with us is very limited and minimal. Our policy is that we only use legal means, letters of complaint to providers. We DO NOT DDOS. Fred wouldn't like that.

We do admit we giggle when Jihadi sites die. And maybe to sucking a bit of their bandwidth ;)

We never ran a complaint campaign against Amazon. We did report it, but were not the first. Sunlight is a disinfectant.

As we find with Jihadi releases, files don't die only sites. So any attack against wiki's providers is/would be spurious.

We don't like Assange much.

We really really don't like that little traitor Manning.

We do have the "archive" for our own research, but do not intend to release it. In fact I've still not read it.

Please don't kill us.

Do you need any used droids?


PS U cn reestor mah faycbk acct?

Posted by: Howie at 07:32 AM


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