Religion of Peace Roundup: No Eloping! Edition

Al-Shabaab militias flog couple for secret marriage.

Telling the truth that the #1 worldwide user of Porn is Pakistan will get you a Fatwa!

you are lie. pakistani are not search porn web. my name is kashan i am a student of university of karachi in pakistan and i am not search porn web in my whole life. because i hate you and my all friends. i am internet user for five years . all world hate to pakistan why i am not think pakistan is islamic country so many people hate to pakistan and you and google also. because i am not hate you only for sham you you sham like this. other's contact my email address is ok
Wow Muhammad seems upset. Maybe he has a porn shortage. I linked his email so we can assist him.

Police find al-Shabaab link in grenade attacks.

Fornicators at Islamic Awakening ban Yousef al-Khattab for not not being murderous enough.

Report warns of rising number of US citizens signing up for al Qaeda training.

Oh yes there are many connections to the Stockhold bomber in the UK. Stay tuned.

Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, Stockholm Suicide Bomber, Was Living in Britain.

The Palestinian Boy Who Wasn’t Killed.

France, first official Dhimmi in Eurabia.

Man stabbed stepfather to impress radical Muslims.

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