Brave, Brave Bill Warner, Private Dick


Gee, Bill Warner, Private Dick, if you would actually do something productive that pisses jihadis off, you might get death threats too.

How brave of you to close comments on your retarded post, though.

For those of you who wish to comment on Bill Warner, Private Dick's post, his email is

Oh, why let the humiliation stop there. Bill Warner, Private Dick, our silly little website gets links from....


And #1 New York Times bestselling authors:


I don't recall seeing either of those linking to your pathetic piece of crap blog at any time in the near or even distant past, Bill Warner, Private Dick.

Now get back to peeking into motel windows trying to catch some dude boning his mistress and let us professionals handle the online jihad, you stupid twatwaffle.

Posted by: Vinnie at 05:57 PM


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