Facebook Murders Darth Odie (again)

odieicon1210.jpg.jpgLets see they have my real name, my pic, my website, copies of the Fatwas (death threats). But they want me to put up my real pic and drop the "handle"

Its the same handle on my Youtube and Google account. And yes I interact with "real people" who know me in the meat world too. I wonder if maybe I interacted with Inspire magazine too much? Was it the insult to Qari Yousuf Ahmadi? Isn't it nice of Facebook to protect Taliban propagandists?

Oh I assure you I'm very real ;) But I have a face made for radio...

Anyway I appealed. We'll see.

Since I can't post this on Facebook.

Today's Selection....


Update: Now that I think of it. I've appealed this same issue before and Facebook reinstated me. Same shit different day.

Posted by: Howie at 08:51 PM


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