Yousef al-Khattab .... Reformed "Moderate" Muslim? (Update-Video Added)

Yousef al-Khattab on CNN:

Al-Khattab says he is taking a risk speaking on camera denouncing his past because, he says, he will now be an enemy of the radicals he once embraced.

But he says this is message to them: He was wrong, and so are they.

Yousef al-Khattab on his own blog last week reacting to the news of Israeli firefighters killed at Mt. Carmel:

Yeah, he's a real "moderate". It's not surprising given that majorities of so-called "moderate" Muslims in the Middle East think killing civilians are bad .... except Jews. You can kill them.

Thanks to Pam.

Update by AllahSHakchew: Video added. Note: Some old news first & follows with part of interview with Joey and ends with the transformation of Revolution Muslim to Islam Policy(without naming it)

Key phrase hurt American civilians. Fort Hood? They were soldiers. Oh, and the Mushroom Cloud over Israel? He still believes in that.

FBI apparently set up US teen blamed for fake car bomb_IA_joey2.jpg

Joey, Joey we see through your taqiyya.

Joey (Yousef al-Khattab) Cohen on Return of Revolution Muslim: "It's a Bug Light...Everybody Gets Zapped"[Joey, you keep repeating the bug light]
Oh Noes!! Leave Joey Alone
Welcome Back to Revolution Muslim's Jesse "Younes Abdullah Muhammad" Morton

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