Viva La Socialist Revolution in UK: Protesters Attack Car Containing Prince Charles & Wife Camilla

Feckin socialist...

Via TheBlaze

Socialist ‘Revolution’ Leader Calls on U.K. Students to ‘Fight’ as Violence Worsens

U.K. students have increasingly grown violent Thursday as the government has voted to authorize tuition hikes. That violence was encouraged Thursday afternoon by a representative reportedly of the socialist group Revolution, who called on students to fight austerity measures. And according to the group’s website, “fight” may be more than a figurative call.

A video posted on YouTube of the representative’s speech includes the following description:[More...]

Complete coverage of protest at SkyNews

A car containing Prince Charles and Camilla has been attacked and nine police officers have been hurt after violence broke out among protesters in central London

Watch the coverage live now on Sky Player

Clarence House said the couple were "unharmed" and they looked calm as they arrived at the London Palladium for tonight's Royal Variety Performance

Violent clashes have escalated in other parts of the capital after MPs earlier voted to increase tuition fees. One police officer suffered neck injuries, and a mounted officer's leg was badly hurt after he was thrown from his horse.

Sky's Tom Parmenter said the scene at the Treasury building was "extremely volatile", with men trying to smash toughened-glass windows, egged on by hundreds of cheering bystanders.

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