Amir Ali Meets Moltov Cocktail & Lampost: Hilarity Ensues (Update-Video Added)

Amir Ali_jihad_FAIL.jpg


Amir Ali, 28, and an accomplice were caught on CCTV trying to lob the home-made grenade through the window of the Imperial Pub, in Crawley, Sussex.

The footage shows Ali smashing the window with two bricks and his accomplice throwing the bomb.

But the plan drastically backfires when the exploding Molotov cocktail strikes Ali in the head.

The pair then attempt to flee - but dazed Ali runs straight into a lamppost.


h/t ZP#5

Update: Might as well caption this also.

Friggin hilarious video added - below fold Update II:

Note, date on video was sentencing date not when the funny occurred.

Thanks to DMartyr

Posted by: Stable Hand at 11:18 AM


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