Jawa Exclusive - CBIEDs

My akhi at Shamikh forum have published guidelines for a new method of terrorism against the State of Israel. Behold Jihad FAIL!

Practical steps to earthquake, the usurper Zionist entity. Effective way to ignite a major fire and large in the bush. What we need to carry out things very simple.





This method is carried out near the place to be targeted and be of course jungles of wheat. Cut a piece of cloth is in the form of a head Asber be a rather long half-meter almost. Nbll cloth with gasoline and then be connected at the bottom of the cat and be close to where the target. Is then ignite the cloth and leave the cat towards the bush.

You just can't compete when dealing with these mental mammoths.


Posted by: Ronin at 05:30 PM


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