Islamist: #1. When YouTube is Worth a Sh*t: Khomeini Sexually Assaulting Crying and screaming 4 year old Girl

Example #1: Muhammadan pedophilia:

Surprised the above is still on, that's not YouTube's policy, I know, I was suspended a few months ago.

h/t 'tweet' from The Office of the Mad Mullah Sayyid Ali Khameneni(Removed link - unsafe)

jihad tube broadcast your holy war.jpg

Example #2: When YouTube doesn't give a sh*t. This user is using YouTube in title to let others know where his/her vids are.

Via Andrea:

There really is little to say about this. Terrorists KNOW they have free reign at Google/YouTube.
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Take it down Google/YouTube - show us your interested in something more than the $$$$$.

YouTube Hall of Shame
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10
Cry Havoc & Let Slip the Dogs of War.....

I might add this site also offers outside links:

YouTube Hall of Shame/JihadTube archives

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