URGENT: Help Orphans Dislocated by Mt. Carmel Fires (Sticky, Scroll For Newer)

The Yemin Orde Youth Aliyah Village is located on Mt. Carmel, in Israel. It serves 500 children that have come to Israel, often as orphans. They come from all around the world, including The Former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Brazil, Israel itself, and it has even received visitors sent to observe its good work including The Dalai Lama, and political leaders from all over the world. It is recognized as a cutting edge leader in innovating successful ways for children to be raised happily in an institutional setting, children that might otherwise have become society’s burdens for life have become its leaders. It was devastated by the recent fires. A minimum of 40% of its structures were destroyed. It is facing an extreme cash flow crisis, with the need to relocate the children, purchase clothing, and make plans to rebuild. Its budget was never designed to face this cash flow stress. A short video describing this situation can be found below. More information about Yemin Orde, its status in the fire, and to make whatever donation you can is at its website: www.yemin orde.org. Friends of Yemin Orde is a Charity Navigator four star charity, so you can be sure your funds will be spent responsibly.

Posted by: Rusty at 07:40 PM


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