The Taliban ♥'s Assange


Back in July, Julian Assange justified the Wikileaks leaks to Time Magazine (emphasis mine):

We feel confident. The material is seven months old; we reviewed it extensively. We held back 15,000 documents that we felt needed further review because the type of classifications they had. We've been publishing for four years a range of material that has caused the changing of constitutions and the removal of governments, but there's never been a case that we are aware of that has resulted in the personal injury of anyone.
Oh, really?

The Taliban expresses their gratitude to Julian Assange for helping expose spies of the Great Satan. With the released, confidential information, they were able to successfully identify and execute a tribal elder who allegedly collaborated with the U.S.:

The Taliban, a radical Islamic militia in Afghanistan, announced its gratitude to Wikileaks for the release and vowed to hunt down those revealed in the documents to be collaborating with the U.S. It appears that they have now made good on that threat.

Khalifa Abdullah, a tribal elder, was removed from his home in Monar village, in Kandahar province’s embattled Arghandab district, by gunmen. He was then executed.

Blood on Julian Assange's hands.

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:15 AM


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