Third World Catching Up

Winter Soldier Summer Patriot:

please watch this fascinating video by hans rosling, a person with a dramatic flair for numbers, statistics and their graphic representation. he takes a very complex subject, that being the wealth and health (they are in reality the same: jjjay) of nations, and compares the growth of same over the past 200 years in just over 4 minutes, in a way that makes what has happened intuitively capable of grasping.

it is an exceeding complicated matter, rendered instantly comprehensible, ... , and, one hesitates to say it, but it is true, ... , quite simple. in the simplest of terms, the world has made stunning progress in the past two years, ... , all of it.

and, it makes glaringly obvious that all of these massive wealth transfer schemes engineered by the united nations and third world diplomats, scheming, all of them to transfer money from western "industrial societies" to the "third world" simply aren't needed. just going along as we have since world war ii has created fantastic wealth the world over, and the third world, asia and africa have made tremendous strides.

Posted by: Howie at 09:08 AM


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