Happy 90th birthday to Jazz icon Dave Brubek

Dave Brubek is perhaps the greatest practitioner of the truly American musical art form, Jazz, and is the living historical embodiment of it. His influence on American music in all genres is so pervasive that his legacy is impossible to calculate. And he is still making music today.

Additionally, he is genuinely a decent human being, who has a loving wife, his college sweetheart Iola, and children who clearly adore him and regularly perform with him. Brubek is a patriot, having fought in Europe during WWII with Patton's Third Army, and a man of faith, having converted to Roman Catholicism later in life.

May we all be so truly blessed.

With that said, a very Happy 90th birthday to Dave Brubek.

Posted by: Barbarossa at 07:05 PM


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