Mark Krause, 40, Arrested in Seattle for June Bomb Scare at Ark. Church Polling Place



FORT SMITH, Ark. -- A 40-year-old Arkansas man has been arrested in Seattle in connection with an attempted bombing of a polling place at a northwest Arkansas church in June, according to federal authorities[...]

Court documents indicate Krause was arrested on complaints of attempted use of force against those engaged in federally protected activities and possession of an unregistered firearm.

Authorities found an improvised explosive device inside a 12-ounce soda can at Osage Baptist Church in Osage, Ark., on June 8 and say that the bomb could have killed anyone within 10 to 15 feet of it had it exploded[...

In an affidavit filed in federal court, Little Rock-based FBI Special Agent Keith Frutiger said a poll worker noticed the bomb in front of the door of the polling place that morning and picked it up and moved it out of the way before later setting the can on the church secretary's desk. Authorities say 35 people voted at the polling place that day[Read the rest]

As many times as the can was moved it's amazing it never went, just wow.

h/t NTA

Posted by: Stable Hand at 12:47 PM


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