Who Are The Radical Minority, Again? (UPDATED/Bumped: Hundreds of millions of Muslims support al Qaeda!)

A new Pew poll of Middle Eastern Muslims shows strong support for Sharia Law (All emphasis mine):

About eight-in-ten Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan (82% each) endorse the stoning of people who commit adultery; 70% of Muslims in Jordan and 56% of Nigerian Muslims share this view. Muslims in Pakistan and Egypt are also the most supportive of whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery; 82% in Pakistan and 77% in Egypt favor making this type of punishment the law in their countries, as do 65% of Muslims in Nigeria and 58% in Jordan.

When asked about the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion, at least three-quarters of Muslims in Jordan (86%), Egypt (84%) and Pakistan (76%) say they would favor making it the law; in Nigeria, 51% of Muslims favor and 46% oppose it. In contrast, Muslims in Lebanon, Turkey and Indonesia largely reject the notion that harsh punishments should be the law in their countries. About three-quarters of Turkish and Lebanese Muslims oppose the stoning of people who commit adultery (77% and 76%, respectively), as does a narrower majority (55%) of Muslims in Indonesia.


Remember, Pakistan is considered a "moderate" Islamic country. They supposedly are our ally in this war against the Islamic extremists, who are, BTW, extremists because they wish to implement the same harsh Sharia punishments described in this poll!

The poll also indicates that, while a majority opposes acts of terrorism against civilians, a very significant minority approves such acts:

The Muslim publics surveyed generally reject the notion that suicide bombing against civilians can be justified in order to defend Islam from its enemies, but there is considerable support for this kind of violence in some countries. Muslims in Lebanon and Nigeria are the most likely to say suicide bombings can often or sometimes be justified; nearly four-in-ten Lebanese Muslims (39%) and 34% of Nigerian Muslims say that is the case.


Read more poll results, including views on terrorist groups such as Hamas.

UPDATE by Rusty: I just wanted to throw this chart in there.


Indonesia alone has 237 million people in it. That means in Indonesia alone 54 million Muslims hold positive views of al Qaeda.......

Posted by: DMartyr at 01:23 PM


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