Al Shabaab Going Global: New Video Threatens Lars Vilks

A Brit and a Swedish national show up on the latest al Shabaab propaganda film. And their target isn't the "apostate regime" or the "Ugandan Crusaders", it's the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks:

‘Abu Dujana’ – identified as a UK national, whose appearance would suggest that he is of African origin, addresses Muslims in Britain in British-accented English. He urges them to travel to Somalia and train for jihad, and live in a society governed by Sharia.

‘Abu Zaid’ – identified as a Swedish national, appeals to Muslims in Sweden to do the same, and tells them that it is ‘an obligation upon you’. Like, Abu Dujana, his appearance would suggest he is also of African origin, but he addresses his audience in Swedish. He adds: ‘Brothers and sisters, I encourage you to come here to Somalia to take part in the jihad in Somalia. He continues: ‘I want to send this warning to Lars Viks, who was behind the caricatures defaming our Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. And I say to Lars Viks that wherever you are, if not today or tomorrow, know that we haven’t yet forgotten about you. We will get hold of you and with God’s permission we will catch you wherever you are and whatever hole you are hiding in, God willing. Know what awaits you, as it will be nothing but this: [he then makes a cutting gesture with his finger on his throat] slaughter! For that is what you deserve’. Finally he say: ‘and to my brothers and sisters, I call you to make Hijra [travel to Somalia for jihad], and if you can kill this dog called Lars Viks, then you will receive a great reward from God’.

Given the very large Somali community in Sweden, this isn't an idle threat.

Thanks to Terror Free Somalia.

Posted by: Rusty at 04:23 PM


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