Six Nigerians Arrested on the Way to Somalia

This is a big problem for Nigeria, where half the country is Muslim and the Islamist movement has been growing over the last two decades as the new utopian idea to replace the now out-of-vogue socialism that President Obama's father was such a big fan of. Terror Free Somalia:

Two secondary school students from Mombasa are among six youths intercepted in Lamu while being ferried to Somalia to join a terror group.Security bosses said their mission was to join Somalia’ insurgency group, al-Shabaab.Coast police boss Leo Nyongesa said the six were arrested at the weekend in the far-flung island of Kizingitini alongside a Nigerian with a British passport.The latter is suspected of masterminding the racket.
One of them had dual citizenship, eh? An al Shabaab member with a British passport could do a helluva lot of damage.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:56 PM


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