Thank You Anwar al-Awlaki

The great American traitor has a new [ed note. November 8th, 2010] video out. He kindly characterizes the apologist's theme song that Allah's message to the ummah forbid killing other muslims, forbid killing innocent people, and forbid starting wars as deceitful talk of unbelievers.

So, what is his message to the enemies of Allah? You know, Juice, Americans, and manafiq.....hate them. That would be nice if it was only hate, but it usually involves severed domes or splodin'.

Also, he is not a fan of Iran.

Screen caps to come. Oh, and yes, the videos are available on....wait for it..... Jihadtube.

Update: Quote from the video...."do not consult anyone in killing the Americans. Fighting Satan does not require a jurisprudence..."

YouTube - Anwar al awlaki to make it known and not to coneal it part 2_2.png

That's why this asshat is on a kill/capture list. Any other questions?

Update by SH. Pressure was put on YouTube to remove Awlaki hate/propaganda videos...They haven't even come close to removing this bastages videos. There are literally thousands

Posted by: Ronin at 09:24 AM


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