Reichstag security alert


PUBLIC access to the German Reichstag building's cupola was suspended on Monday "until further notice" amid security concerns.
The glass dome was closed off to visitors and security was increased at the site in Berlin.

Between 10,000 and 20,000 people visit the cupola - the glass-encased public access area on top of the German parliament building - every day.

Eva Haacke, a spokeswoman at the Reichstag, said that security had been increased at the site and that public access would be closed "until further notice."

"A lot of police, more than normal, more controls than normal and very many security measures (are in place)," she said.

No reason was given for the closure and pre-arranged group visits were still allowed. But the move follows reports over the weekend that terrorists were preparing a bloody attack on the German parliament building

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Report: Al Qaeda Plans Attack On German Parliament

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