Joey (Yousef al-Khattab) Cohen on Return of Revolution Muslim: "It's a Bug Light...Everybody Gets Zapped"

Revolution Muslim, the gift that keeps on giving.

Besides Joey, the former 'emir' of RM, article's main focus was on Revolution Muslims return as, current "emir" of such Jesse Morton aka Younes Abdullah, and names those who have been zapped . Jesse must really like bug lights..Joey, not so much maybe.


A militant New York website tied to terror plotters - and shut down for promoting violence - has resurfaced under a new name.

Revolution Muslim has been linked to at least a third of almost two dozen homegrown terror schemes exposed during the past year, investigators said[...]

Jesse "Younes Abdullah Muhammad" Morton with friend and convicted terrorist Zachary "Abu Talhah al-Amriki" Chesser in front of the White House

Revolution Muslim's other co-founder, Khattab, said he hasn't been involved for more than a year because he disagreed with the direction it took.


"RM is not the mainstream view of Islam," said Khattab, 42, who was raised a secular Jew and joined the Satmar Hasidic sect before converting to Islam 11 years ago.

He said he was guilty of providing a platform for "rhetoric" he no longer agreed with.

"I made a mistake," he said.

The site, he said, became a haven for pseudo-Islamic radicals that drew too much scrutiny.

"It's a bug light, and the greatest thing for the government," Khattab said. "Everybody gets zapped."

For once I agree with Joey....about zapping.

I wonder, who will be next?

Welcome Back to Revolution Muslim's Jesse "Younes Abdullah Muhammad" Morton

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