Book Review: The Athena Project by Brad Thor

Before I review Brad Thor's latest book The Athena Project I do have to admit I'm a huge fan. I've read every one of Thor's books cover to cover and have enjoyed every one of them. I think Scot Harvath is one of the best characters I've ever read about - to the point that I have my own ideas about who should play him in a movie. So I found it concerning that Thor would start another series of books that focused on (gasp!) girls! To say I'm biased is quite the understatement, which is why, as his number one fan I could quite easily be one of his biggest critics. Upon cracking open The Athena Project, Brad Thor had some very high expectations to meet. Within the first few chapters, I knew that I would NOT be disappointed!

Thor's latest book is about four women who are members of a top-secret Delta Force program called "The Athena Project." The Athena Team members (their names are Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson, Megan Rhodes, and Alex Cooper) are given an assignment to track down an arms dealer that provided the explosives for a terrorist attack in Rome that killed 20 Americans. But there's more to the story and soon the women of "The Athena Project" will learn of another attack, already set in motion, that would be horrific at best.

I was unable to put this book down, instead locking myself into various rooms, away from any distractions, until I got through the last page. Thor masterfully brings his readers into the storyline - I was right there with every mission, every movement the team made, every discovery they found. I went around the world with Casey, Ericsson, Rhodes and Cooper. I could almost feel the cool metal of their weapons in my hands and wanted to practice my interrogation skills on my very unwilling husband. The twists and turns of the story had me riveted. The science throughout the story drove me to Google to investigate. Thor's books are always well researched and digging around on Google proved this one was no exception.

For guys out there wondering whether there's something in this book for you, wonder no more. The Athena Project is loaded with action and a great story line any guy would love. Also understand these girls aren't just members of Delta Force, they are HOT! The story lines describing them working undercover will keep you in your bunk for awhile!

After closing the book after reading the last page, I was left hungry for more and wished I'd read a bit more slowly to make it last longer. What did Thor's number one fan think of this book about (gasp!) girls? Scot Harvath will always be my favorite Brad Thor leading man, but "The Athena Project" is now my favorite Brad Thor book and I can't wait for the next one!

The Athena Project is out on bookshelves on Tuesday, November 23rd!

Posted by: MerriMusings at 01:01 PM


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