IBD: LA County Sheriff Lee Baca is CAIR's bitch, hosts "radicalization" conference featuring bin Laden supporter

Investor's Business Daily editorializes today about the latest government outreach-to-jihadists outrage. This time it's LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, who has a history of defending and fundraising for known Hamas front, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who is hosting a radicalization conference featuring two officials for the pro-Hezbollah Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), including one who praised Osama bin Laden as "our brother" and a "great mujahid":

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca seems more interested in currying favor with radical Muslim groups than fighting terror. He's even invited one to lecture police about "radicalization."

Next week, Baca's department will host a conference for the L.A. Police Department and the FBI on "radicalization and homegrown violent extremism." Among featured speakers are two suspect figures with the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

L.A.-based MPAC claims to be "moderate." But according to a new report put out by a coalition of U.S. security officials, it's "an aggressive propaganda arm" of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, parent of Hamas and al-Qaida. MPAC's own publication, the Minaret, has proudly called its founder "a close disciple of" Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna.

While that's bad enough, one of the MPAC officials slated to speak, Edina Lekovic, edited the magazine Al-Talib when it editorialized that "our brother" Osama bin Laden was a "freedom fighter" who should be defended by Muslims. This was in 1999 a year after bin Laden bombed our embassies and declared war on us.

The other official is MPAC President Salam al-Marayati, who the same year was booted from the National Commission on Terrorism by then-House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt for praising Hezbollah. He wasn't fit to serve on an anti-terror panel in 1999. What makes Baca think he's fit now?

"The segment in question is a learning module for first responders to ask intelligent questions and hopefully get intelligent answers," Sheriff's Department Chief Mike Grossman explained in a statement to us. "Understanding the deeper roots of the problem requires dialogue."

Intelligent answers? Count on more disinformation. MPAC has fought every counterterror program the LAPD and FBI have tried to get going in the Muslim community since interrogations of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed revealed L.A. as a prime al-Qaida target.

The group has advised Muslims not to cooperate with investigators, not to inform on each other, not to self-police. It has defended terrorist suspects even after their convictions.

So it's sheer madness that its leaders would be invited to headline a cop workshop on combating terror. But then, Baca is mad with PC. In 2006, he started the Muslim Community Affairs Unit to do more outreach with Muslim groups.

Oh yeah, there's more.

Posted by: Barbarossa at 06:47 AM


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