IDF & Shin Bet? Makes Paleoboom!! (Updated)

Click image of glorious alQaeda? martyr's goboom Volkswagen Golf. (DMartyr sez "VW Golf?? He should have been in a VW Polo:video in comments) More possible martyrs may be joining him Allah willing.


Allah Akbar!!!!!!!!!!

h/t Vin

Army of Islam_Jaish al Islam.jpg

Update: Yes, al-Qaeda's Muhammad Yassin was sploded. He was top leader of al-Qaeda's Army of Islam. In 2007 the group was responsible for the kidnapping of British journalist Alan Johnston. He was released after Hamas gained control of Gaza. Among other incidents, they aided two other groups in the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

To hell with Allah Akbar.............F**k Ya!

Hamas Formalizes Relationship With al Qaeda
Al Qaeda in Gaza Clarifies Relationship to GIMF
Videotape Released by Kidnappers of Alan Johnston

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