Peaceful Muslims Honor Palestinian's Treatment of Christians in Occupied Territories


Pictured above is Sheik Nazam Abu Salim. He's from Nazereth and a fine example of the peace and harmony between Islam and the People of the Book, I'm sorry Cross Worshipers, that exists in the occupied territories.

Plots tracing back to Nazareth include a plan to assassinate President Bush (II) in Jerusalem, and a plan to kidnap a Christian man in Nazareth and videotape his murder by decapitation (for subsequent release on jihadi websites). In addition, the Sheikh's followers perpetrated a series of arsons and robberies in and around Nazareth.
The series of arsons as you may recall was against Christian book stores selling, gasp the New Testament, OMG and internet cafes because, you know, you can view boobies there.

The Israelis have him locked up. They are oppressing his deen because when he's not hating Cross Worshipers for the sake of Allah he is killing Jews for the sake of Allah. which makes the peaceful oppressed Muslims on the terrorist chat boards like him even more. Plus he can do that neat trick with his finger there.

He're to wishing Nazem spends a long time enjoying the hospitality of the Israelis.

Posted by: Howie at 09:59 AM


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