Seriously Good News: Radical Cleric Omar the goat humping Bakri Muhammed Arrested

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Revolution Muslims friends keep dropping like flies.


Lebanese police have arrested radical Islamic preacher Omar Bakri, just days after the formerly British-based cleric boasted he would "not spend one day" of a life sentence behind bars.

He now faces a retrial because his first trial was held in absentia.

"He was arrested by a patrol of intelligence agents from the Internal Security Force in his home in Tripoli," a security official told AFP.

Police said Bakri tried to flee in a car as the patrol closed in on his house in the main northern city on Sunday, prompting an officer to open fire to prevent him from escaping.

"As the patrol went to arrest him... he tried to flee. A member of the security forces opened fire and two bullets hit the back tyres" of Bakri's getaway vehicle, a police statement said.

He was duly arrested and transferred to Beirut, police said

A judicial source told AFP that Bakri must be retried before a military court in line with Lebanese law because he was sentenced in absentia.

Bakri, a fundamentalist Sunni Muslim who has praised the September 11, 2001 attacks and hailed the hijackers as the "magnificent 19", was sentenced to life by a military court on Thursday.

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The 50-year-old, who lived in Britain for 20 years, was found guilty, along with more than 40 other Lebanese, Palestinians, Syrians and Saudis, of "incitement to murder, theft and the possession of arms and explosives".

The day after the sentence was handed down he vowed he would "not spend one day in prison".

Fingers crossed he will finally spend the rest of his miserable ROPMA life in prison.

Omar's pole dancing daughter, Yasmin Fastok


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