Good News: Taliban Attack Major City Well Outside of so-called "Tribal" Areas

People, this is why President Obama's trip to India was a good thing.

India and Pakistan are mortal enemies. If they ever went to war again -- they've had, what, four wars since the two countries split up? -- which side would you want to win?

Sure, we need to make nice with Pakistan right now. It's the expedient thing to do. Better the batch of SOBs in power now than the next feasible alternative.

But does any one really think that twenty years down the road Pakistan isn't still going to be a nightmare? And, worse, a nightmare with nuclear weapons?

Best case scenario is that Pakistan is able to keep a lid on the crazy radical Islamists aligned with al Qaeda, and instead remains the Islamic Republic that it is, full of moderate Islamists who don't like al Qaeda but who aren't particularly fond of all this "freedom" stuff.

India is our natural ally. The wealthier they become, the better it is for us.

On to the story:

A Taliban assault team attacked the Crime Investigation Department headquarters in a secured area of Karachi. Taliban fighters armed with assault rifles attack the building and battled with police before a massive truck bomb was detonated inside the CID compound. The truck bomb, which is estimated to have carried more than 2,000 pounds of explosives, destroyed the building.

Police have confirmed that 18 people have been killed and 115 have been wounded. The death toll may rise as others may be trapped in the rubble of the building.

Roggio has much more.

The motivation? He thinks they could have been trying to bust out some Taliban leaders.

That takes balls. Either they were doing it just to prove a point -- we can attack you, even in the so-called "safe" areas under the Punjabi government control --- or because they actually thought they could spring the prisoners from the jail. Neither of which bode well for our so-called "allies" and which says a great deal about the self-perception the Taliban have in regards to their own strength within the country.

Posted by: Rusty at 04:48 PM


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