ATTN JihadTube Users "Mus1imDefenseForce" & "mjh4eva" (Updatedx2)

You've been terminated! Andrea also states this:

Update 11/7/10 - YouTube showed huge ambition in their follow-thru of taking Awlaki's videos down yesterday. 25 of 200 were removed. Now ain't that just special? Two accounts were suspended. Normally that would be met with approval on many fronts, but the ISSUE here is an influential, terrorist-supporting-radical-imam gracing the halls of YouTube/Google doing the devils work. Simply outrageous.

Mus1imDefenseForce had 26 videos. mjh4eva had 404. mjh4eva and I go way back. He likens me to a f**king b*tch, f**king whore, f**king everything. Well, feck you mjh4eva, you were PWND again! See update below


YouTube: "25 out of 200" Awlaki vids removed? That's pathetic and what's more pathetic is you don't give a damn. To hell with those who have lost heroes only to see a terrorist sniper video, or will lose heroes because a wannabe jihadi becomes a be while viewing said sniper/terrorist propaganda videos. All the revenue monies on Jihadi videos count more than a heroes life - right YouTube?

Thanks to everyone who helped, it's tough fighting complacency at JihadTube. Anwar al-Awlaki nipple clickin continues:

Update: Andrea & I are in agreement, to hell with YouTube, let them remove Awlaki videos as they promised. Awlaki playlist replaced with Boobies JAWA - PWNAGE in the making..... playlist below:

Update II: mjh4eva account was re-instated! WTF? Also, previously 25 out of 200 Awlaki vids were removed by YouTube. Now, 13 re-instated, again WTF are you doing YouTube? Four originally removed now reinstated. Five had been posted (404) SUSPENDED now all REINSTATED 1 reinstated 2 reinstated


As always, special thanks to:


Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:59 AM


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